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RLM Sports Group is a sports casting entity dedicated to providing a total sporting event experience for their listeners. This is accomplished through ‘live’ professional sports audio & video broadcasting via the internet, stadium FM radio simulcast, and terrestrial radio & television stations for sporting events. Each game is archived and is available through our streaming host. All scheduled sporting events are packed with exciting play-by-play action and in-depth interviews with coaches and players from both competing teams. Selected game events will include video coverage to accompany our audio sports commentary.

Internet based and focused, each scheduled event is presented by RLM Sports over the internet and is available subscription free for anyone to access simply by clicking on the “listen live” button on our Broadcast Schedules page on this website. Our state-of-the-art digital technology coupled with professional sports commentary gives you, the listener, the best quality sports experience available - the next best thing to being there. Each game may be listened to live or from our streaming host RLM Sports also has a blog site for post-game wrapups, multi-media interviews, and photo galleries for selected games. You are invited to leave any comments you would like, including likes & dislikes, positives & negatives, comments about games, and much more.

The RLM Sports audience may access selected games to download to their mp3 players, giving them the freedom to enjoy listening to games in the car, at home or work, riding a bike, jogging, practically anywhere.

RLM Sports also simulcasts its content to any spectator via an FM radio signal at the game location  All live game content is broadcasted. This system is in place whenever there is a request for it and the game is not simulcast by one of our terestrial media partners.

Many games are simulcasted over terrestrial multi-media broadcast outlets such as AM and FM radio, television and cable throughout the the year. Check our website for details. 

All expert play-by-play is professionally presented. Our lead sportscaster is Bob Michaels, the familiar voice of the Southern Tier of New York and the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania Sports. Bob is a member of several upstate Sports Halls of Fame, a three-time recipient of the prestigious NYS Broadcasters Award for Broadcasting Excellence and is the only sportscaster to be named ‘Man of the Year’ by NYS Section IV Lacrosse.  RLM Sports' schedule has grown to the extent that we have added two audio only and 1 video sports channels. Additional sportscasters have joined RLM Sports to provide the professional coverage for the expanding number of games broadcast by RLM Sports.

RLM Sport' programming is presented for those who share enjoyment, interest and concern in high school, college and universities sports including football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, softball and lacrosse. Bob Michaels is recognized as the best play-by-play sports broadcaster in upstate New York. Along with our other professional sports casters, RLM Sports treats our audience to the best sports play-by-play action and in-depth interviews with the coaches and players.

Much of the RLM Sports programming content, including play-by-play, interviews and photo galleries, may be available to our listeners on our website for up to two weeks after the game is played. This allows fans to revisit programs that feature a topic they’d like to review, and new visitors to discover prior games and locate an interview they may have missed. This provides the RLM Sports audiences the opportunity to know their teams better. 

 All games are webcasted live and many are simulcast through our multi-media radio and TV partners and then archived for a period of time so that each game can be listened to on the internet or downloaded and enjoyed as a mp3 player file contributing to continuous listenership growth. There are also a number of spectators listening via traditional terrestrial broadcasts, as well as, local FM stadium radio simulcast ‘live’ at each sporting event.

All RLM Sports Broadcast now may be heard on any PC, MAC, and mobile device at no cost to you our loyal sports fan.