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RLM Sport' programming is presented for those who share enjoyment, interest and concern in high school, college and universities sports including football, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, softball and lacrosse. Bob Michaels is recognized as the best play-by-play sports broadcaster in upstate New York. Along with our other professional sports casters, RLM Sports treats our audience to the best sports play-by-play action and in-depth interviews with the coaches and players.

Much of the RLM Sports programming content, including play-by-play, interviews and photo galleries, may be available to our listeners on our website for up to two weeks after the game is played. This allows fans to revisit programs that feature a topic they’d like to review, and new visitors to discover prior games and locate an interview they may have missed. This provides the RLM Sports audiences the opportunity to know their teams better. 

All RLM Sports Broadcast now may be heard on any PC, MAC, and mobile device at no cost to you our loyal sports fan.